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Improve VoterScore

Claim your profile to read and respond to your voters’ reviews,  improve your VoterScore, and request a re-review of your rankings. Responding to reviews is an opportunity to engage with your voters, to address their concerns, or to say thank you for their feedback. A response, taking the time to interact with and respond to your voters, sends the message that you care and welcome feedback.


How To Improve VoterScore

Improve your VoterScore by responding to reviews and by requesting a re-review

About VoterScore – Review Your Politician


Respond to Reviews

After claiming your profile, the first step is to request a report on your voters’ reviews. Your custom report will contain the total number of reviews on your profile from your voters, your performance rating, your VoterScore, your communication and social media scores, and voting intentions of your voters.

If your voters have given you a one or two-star rating for your communication level or social media performance, this is your opportunity to improve. Increase your presence on Facebook, boost (advertise) your posts, start interacting with people on Twitter through replies, send email updates on your work and campaigns, and increase your level of traditional communication by leafleting, door-knocking, etc

Suppose your voters have given you a one or 2-star rating for your overall performance. In that case, this is also your opportunity to campaign on the political issues they’ve highlighted in your report. Show voters, you care about the topics most important to them.

Tips for Politicians - How to write a reply to a review


Request Re-Review

Using the performance data on your profile and after responding to reviews, improve your rankings and VoterScore by requesting a re-review.

Our recommendation is to wait at least two to four weeks after responding and campaigning on social media, email or through traditional marketing before asking for a re-review of your VoterScore.

You may request up to six re-reviews per year of your rankings, or once every two months. Our team will then ask for more reviews from your voters using Facebook and email marketing.

Do you require more than six re-reviews of your VoterScore and rankings? Email [email protected] to request more credits.

After completing your re-review, our team will send you the results within seven days, with your latest reviews, rankings and VoterScore.


Tips for Politicians

Our general tips to help you communicate with your voters, build trust and engage in a positive conversation with your constituents.

Polite & Respectful

Take the time to listen to the concerns of your constituents from your review feedback. Respond on social media politely and respectfully. By listening and responding positively to a constituents feedback, you'll create a sense of trust.


Consider a review from the perspective of your constituent. They have taken the time to give you critical feedback. Use the review to learn and improve. By showing empathy, responding in a considered and polite way, you can turn voter feedback into future electoral support.


Your response to negative feedback is an opportunity to show your voters how you deal with criticism. It's an opportunity to win over the reviewers using social media, email and traditional marketing (i.e. leafleting), and impress voters in your area. A chance to communicate that you care.

Helpful & Honest

Remember, nobody is perfect. Honesty is the best policy. Your voters are providing you with valuable feedback to learn from. Use the negative reviews and rankings to improve, and positive reviews as an endorsement that you're doing great work.

Avoid Jargon

Politics is flooded with endless jargon, acronyms and abbreviations — political terms like 'NGO'. The best policy is to avoid jargon when communicating, use straightforward language on social media, email and leaflets. Write in a way which all voters are most likely to understand.

Thank You

It's always an excellent approach to start and finish on a positive note. Thank your constituents on social media for submitting a review, regardless of whether it was positive or negative. By acknowledging your voters, you're showing them that you're open to feedback and approachable.

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600,000+ Reviews Submitted

600,000+ Reviews Submitted

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Are you a Conservative Party, Labour Party, Liberal Democrat, SNP, Plaid Cymru, or an independent politician? Find out more about how you can show voters that you’re listening to their concerns and care about their experiences. Learn how to respond to reviews and questions.

Reply to Reviews


Respond to Reviews

Show your voters you care by responding to reviews and by campaigning on the political issues most important to them.
Tips for Politicians – Review Your Politician


Tips for Politicians

Find out how to authentically engage
with your voters, respond to reviews
and tips for electoral success.

About VoterScore – Review Your Politician


About VoterScore

Find out how we calculate the
VoterScore for politicians and how to
improve it on your profile.

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Social Media Tools

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